How do you define ministry?

“Ministry is meeting people where they are at, and taking them to where God wants them to be.”

Ministry is meeting people, and it is always relational. Faithful ministry isn’t a project that we work to finish. Ministry is people. The administrative elements of ministry should only be tools that lead us to building relationships with others. 

We can’t move people closer to Jesus if we aren’t first meeting, loving, listening, caring and connecting with them on their turf.
The process of moving people from their current place (“here”) to where God desires them to be (“there”) is the role of every minister and every ministry. This process is called discipleship, and this is what each minister and ministry is called to do; to make disciples just as Jesus taught.

At Freedom Worship Center we seek to provide ministries designed to meet people where they are in any age group. Our desire is to help you move closer to God through our various ministries.