Covenant Partnership

Freedom Worship Center is committed to the concept of “covenant partnership”, that any individual who accepts the inspiration of the Scriptures in theory and in practice, and who successfully completes the “new covenant partners” class is then considered in covenant fellowship with the Body of Christ at Freedom Worship Center.

Covenant partnership in the Body of Christ is achieved by means of the new birth (John 3:16). One of the most important things any believer can do is get rooted and grounded in a local church where the Word of God is taught, believed and acted upon. Covenant partnership is offered as a means of enabling one to become involved with the church as we labor together in His ministry.
Covenant partnership will cause one to be able to draw on all the resources of the ministry without reservation. It will also provide one with an opportunity to give as well as receive. There are many areas of ministry where one can use the talents and abilities the Lord has given him/her. This can be accomplished as all are joined together in unity and love to accomplish God’s will.
A person is eligible for covenant partnership in this church that gives evidence of his/her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who voluntarily subscribes to the Statement of Fundamental Truths and who agrees to be governed by its bylaws as herein set forth. 
Persons desiring to become covenant partners in fellowship with the Freedom Worship Center shall make the fact known by completing an online application, or by downloading and completing an application and submitting it to the pastoral staff.  There are no fees or cost for a person to become a covenant partner of this center/church.

If you are currently attending Freedom Worship Center and are interested in becoming a Covenant Partner, you may request a password from someone in leadership, or by emailing The password will be sent you so you can login to the page "Covenant Partnership Procedures". You will find all the information you need to start the process.