Steps To Take To Be Baptized

The process for being baptized at Freedom Worship Center has been developed and carefully planned with you in mind. The following steps will guide you in preparation for this very important next step in your Christian journey.

1. Complete the baptism registration. Once your registration form has been received we will contact you to let you know when our next baptism service will be scheduled. Click HERE to fill out a water baptism application, or follow the additional link titled "Steps To Be Water Baptized".

2. Before the baptism service, the pastor or one of the elders will go over the process in the required pre-baptism class and let you know any other information.

3. Get Baptized! Since we do not have an in house baptism pool, we hold a special service and use a local schwimmbad, the river during the summer, or use another churches baptism pool when available.  Baptisms are held two to three times a year depending on the number of people needing to be baptized or on a need basis.